Want to join in making Devvio's website better?

If you're a writer, and you think you can help create some strong copy for our site (or elsewhere), we would love to get help. A big part of the Devv Community is building the effort together.

Here are some sections where we think we could use a touch up, as examples

  • https://devv.io/pages/scalability
  • https://devv.io/pages/blockchain-as-a-service
  • https://devv.io/pages/fraud-theft-and-loss-protection
  • https://devv.io/pages/privacy
  • https://devv.io/pages/energy-usage

Other areas where we could use more help with copy is translations, task descriptions, and community page descriptions.

Also, feel free to suggest other areas where we can improve our wording and descriptions.


The way this task works, is you email community@devv.io with your suggestion of what you'd like to work on. From there, we'll agree on a Devv Points price, and you can help us to improve the site!