Devvio Due Diligence Data Room

1. Overview

Devvio is an enterprise blockchain company that has created the world's fastest, most scalable, and most cost effective blockchain solution. Devvio’s vision is to create the world’s infrastructure for transferring value. The Devv blockchain is the only blockchain solution that addresses all of blockchain’s biggest challenges such as cost, scalability, stability, fraud/theft/loss and privacy, in a single solution. By far, the largest area of growth in the blockchain space in the coming years will be in enterprise use, and Devvio is positioned to be a leader for enterprise use, and therefore a leader in the entire blockchain space.

What problems does Devvio solve?

We provide customers a cost-effective and scalable way to implement their blockchain needs on our Devv platform. Blockchain technology provides a highly robust and trustless database solution that is applicable to nearly all industries. Devvio addresses four primary building blocks for solving problems: Financial services (payments, repatriation, exchange, hedging, etc), identity authentication (secure identification, verification and authentication for people, enterprise and devices), logistics (tracking and management of goods, while reducing logistics and insurance costs), and data management (managing highly secure data while maintaining privacy as well as providing auditable records with full provenance on data).

Devvio intends to create THE Enterprise Blockchain. A good summary of our strategy and what makes us different is given in a recent Forbes interview

Thought Leadership

Devvio is positioned to become the leader of the blockchain movement. The largest area of growth in the blockchain space will be in enterprise use, and Devvio has the only solution that solves all of the problems needed for global and broad deployment of blockchain for business. Our disruptive approach, as well as our intellectual property and technical lead times, will position us as not only a business leader but a thought leader. A strong example of this was Devvio's thought leadership talk at CES, the world's largest tech conference, alongside other leaders in the space such as Tim Draper and Jonathan Johnson.

2. Organization and Management

One of Devvio's primary strengths is its management team. Devvio's team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals. Devvio's team has the expertise to execute on our vision of enabling the world's infrastructure for transferring value.

View Devvio's Team Information Here.

3. Financial

Devvio's Blockchain-as-a-Service business model mirrors traditional cloud computing business models.

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4. Corporate Records and Governance

5. Cap Table

6. Technology

7. IP

8. Litigation

Devvio has had no litigation or threatened litigation.

9. Press and Media