Welcome to the Devv Community

We would like to welcome everyone to the Devv Community! We feel it is a very exciting effort, and unique not only in the blockchain and crypto space, but in general on the web.

the Devv Community is like a real world Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO). Members come to our website, get tasks, complete the tasks, and get Devv Points. By getting Devv Points, you level up in the community. Tasks encompass a number of areas such as learning about Devvio, community participation/spreading the word, writing, creating graphics, programming, as well as tasks that are meant to just be fun. The community will also have leaderboards, badges, a message board, and a telegram group.

To get started

1. Simply find a task on the main community page that looks interesting to you.
2. Complete it as it is described.
3. When the task is completed, you will receive a reward code and a link to the reward page.
4. Add the reward to your Cart, and check out like a regular store, using the reward code to make the item free.

Beyond being a fun experience and a place to meet others in a friendly community, one of the most exciting things about the Devv Community is the points you earn for being involved can be redeemed for Devv Cryptocurrency (within the site's Terms and Conditions, of course, which you agree to in using our site, and which you should obviously therefore read and fully understand before taking part with our community and site). Your efforts not only will rank you up in the community, but can have real value too!

Our community is a place where anyone can join in on Devvio's discussions, listen, be heard, and contribute to what we feel is the most exciting effort in the blockchain space. The Devv Community is founded on a philosophy of respect. We welcome tough questions, but everyone will be respectful in our communications in the community.

At any point, if you have any questions, feel free to email community@devv.io. Let us know what you think as well (either in an email, or even in tasks where you can give feedback)

thanks, and have a great time completing your tasks, increasing you ranking in the community, and collecting Devv Points.

-- The Devvio Team.

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