Devvio Payments

Devvio's cryptocurrency approach for payments allows for stability and scalability as well as security, privacy, and fraud/theft/loss protection.

Stability is critical in unlocking a cryptocurrency's potential to be used for exchanging value rather than simply storing value.
If a cryptocurrency is going up, no one wants to spend it. If it is going down, no one wants to accept it. Devvio solves this problem...
Devvio will accept fiat currency to create a one-to-one backed cryptocurrency called DevvFiat (e.g. DevvDollars, DevvEuros, etc).
The fiat currency will be held in escrow. DevvFiat can be traded and a DevvFiat holder can exchange it back for the underlying asset.
Because it directly represents the underlying asset (e.g. a DevvDollar for a Dollar), there is no volatility.
Devvfiat is therefore stable, with underlying value, and can be used for any kind of purchase!
The Devv Blockchain can scale to a level larger than credit card networks.
Devvio can protect users from fraud, theft, and loss.
Devvio can provide privacy on transactions.


Stability truly unlocks the power of a digital currency.
Devvio's Stability solution is described in the Devv Bluepaper, which can be downloaded here.
When stability is combined with the security and trustlessness of blockchain, the scalability of our sharding approach, and our solutions to blockchain's other challenges like fraud/theft/loss protection and privacy, a digital currency can change the world.

Stability + Scalability + Security + Fraud/Theft/Loss Protection + Privacy
The Future of Money