Devvio's founding team consists of highly experienced business professionals, with unique abilities to bring the Devv vision to reality.

Devvio's Team

Tom Anderson, CEO: Tom is an experienced entrepreneur and previously founded Novint Technologies, a robotics company that created the world’s first consumer 3D touch device. He was one of the earliest pioneers in the field of haptics (adding the sense of touch into computers/VR). He led fundraising of over $34 million, licensed tens of millions of dollars of game development, and took the company public. His Novint patents were sold to Facebook. He founded Devvio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
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Ray Quintana, President: Before joining Devvio full time, Ray was a General Partner and Head of European and Corporate Operations for one of the top performing early stage venture capital funds in the United States, The Cottonwood Technology Fund. He has more than 20 years of experience in venture capital, global technology investment, company creation, company building, valuation and strategic financing. Mr. Quintana has an established extensive network throughout the globe with a focus on the US West Coast; US Southwest and Northern Europe’s entrepreneurial, venture, scientific and business community. Additionally, Mr. Quintana has held Strategy & Corporate Development positions for a number of global technology companies including Texas Instruments and Robert Bosch Corporation. Mr. Quintana was a CGMS Fellow at the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business where he received his MBA in Corporate Strategy & Strategic Finance.
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Bill Anderson, CTO: Bill has over 17 years of experience in high tech industries. He led the development, licensing, acquisitions and integration of over 100 haptic enabled video games and has managed many large teams across multiple technical fields. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico to receive his BS in Electrical Engineering, and subsequently received his MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington with a focus on robotics and haptic interfaces.
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Nick Williams, VP Software: Nick is an expert developer in the fields of cryptology and systems design. After receiving degrees in math and business from MIT, Nick spent over 10 years managing software development teams for a number of telcos and startups. He has extensive coding experience across many different domains. Nick’s perspective is shaped by deep interest in cryptology, systems engineering, and business strategy.
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V. Gerald Grafe, IP Counsel: Gerald has 30 years’ experience working with computer technology, intellectual property, and startup companies. He served as patent and transactions legal counsel to numerous technology companies, helping raise over $100 million in investment capital, and similar amounts in licensing and technology development funds. Gerald has BS and MS degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a JD, finishing at the top of his class in each degree. He helped define and implement early patent and licensing programs at Sandia National Laboratories before going into private practice. In private practice, he works primarily with small companies with new ideas, helping to define, protect, and finance them, and then to get them into the market.
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Michael Koenka, Director of Marketing: Michael is a crypto launch advisor for senior executives, founders and top tier investors. Singularity University, Rockstart AI Accelerator, and the European Space Agency trust him to bring out the best in their projects and people. He has over a decade of marketing and strategy experience and his consultancy strives to impact meaningful, sustainable change in the world.
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Shawn McKenney, Lead Software Engineer: Shawn brings almost 20 years of experience developing high performance, distributed scientific algorithms and applications. He started his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Fermi National Laboratory writing real-time data acquisition and analysis platforms for experiments in high energy physics. He moved to San Diego in 2008 as the software lead during the commercialization of a novel cargo scanning system that uses naturally occurring cosmic particles to scan shipping containers. Just prior to joining Devvio, Shawn was working on adapting TensorFlow to run on custom processors. When he isn't in front of the computer, he enjoys hiking, biking and spending time outdoors with his family.
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Douglas Radecki, Lead Product Designer: Douglas is a seasoned User Experience Designer who enjoys working on big problems and the fuzziness associated with tackling such large challenges. With over ten years experience applying Design Thinking, he has focused the last five years on product design and leading teams through Lean UX and agile methodologies. He has developed a keen sense identifying the client’s real problems by starting with UX research as the foundational step to better understanding the user and business needs. With a deep understanding of users, he turns insights into opportunities for great design and a successful product development to occur. He accomplishes this through collaborating with product owners and development teams to help them learn more about the users. Douglas unlocks the power of human-centered design products to deliver innovative experiences that drive tangible ROI, revenue for the business, and meet or exceed other success metrics.
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Tokenmarket provides a platform for organising blockchain token or virtual currency sales. Its seasoned professionals combine market experience, resources and data assets to create a winning solution to execute ICO’s safely and securely. TokenMarket provide a fully end-to-end 360 service for token creation, presale and public sale. TokenMarket’s ICO advisory service has worked alongside some of the brightest startups in the blockchain industry pioneering brands such as Storj, Civic and Dent. Alongside its ICO advisory, TokenMarket has established itself as the leading platform for listing tokens on its ICO calendar.
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Anish Mohammed is security and cryptography expert with 18 years experience in the capacities of a researcher and a consultant, and entered the Blockchain ecosystem as one of the founding members of UKDCA. He has advised and worked for various banks and financial institutions including AIB, HSBC, Lloyds and Zurich. He is also on the advisory board for Adjoint, Arteia, Hyper-loop Transport Technologies, Privacy Shell, Collider-X, Piggi, and IEET. These days he is more focused on projects that involve security vs scalability vs consensus of Blockchain, and using smart contracts for AI safety and Cryptoeconomics. He is a regular speaker and contributor in the areas of AI, Cybersecurity, Fintech and Blockchain. Anish is currently the chief science officer for Blockchainsmokers and Dean of Blockchain technologies at Exosphere Academy.
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Nimish Patel serves as MSK’s Vice Chairman and is based in the Los Angeles office. His primary focus is corporate and securities laws. He is well versed in drafting complex business transactional documents and securities offerings. Mr. Patel's experience includes mergers and acquisitions for private and public companies, angel and venture capital financing, IPOs, Secondary Offerings, cross border transactions and other financing and corporate restructurings. Mr. Patel currently advises early stage companies as well as publicly traded exchange listed companies on corporate governance and regulatory filing requirements with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also focuses on CryptoAssets and Blockchain Technologies.
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Anderson Tan is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and VC. He exited 8 companies. 2 of his own got acquired and the rest via angel investment. He has 13 unicorns under his portfolio including SpaceX, Hyperloop One, Pinterest, Lyft and Palantir. He currently is the Chairman of Alpha Omega Ventures. Partner at Launchgarage, Co-owner of Proudcloud. Partner/investor at MicroVentures. He was the advisor of Holochain during the ICO and now advising Devvio. He was educated at Singularity University, International Space University, Hive Global Leadership, Landmark Education, Dale Carnegie Training, Asian Institute of Management, Center for Creative Leadership, The Wharton School and Oxford Brookes University. He has about 100 different certificates from online courses.
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Greg Scantlen BSEE, CEO CreativeC, has been designing, building, and maintaining High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems for over thirty years. Greg has founded several startups, and engineered hardware and software products for academic, government and commercial use. CreativeC houses, and maintains the Devcash cluster, as well as a compute cluster for the Materials Science Lab at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). CreativeC has specialized in custom hybrid HPC systems, working directly with LANL Scientists to codesign solutions for more than a decade. CreativeC was issued Patent no. 8,817,030 “GPGPU Systems and Services” in 2014.
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Andree Jacobson: Andree is currently a Cluster Infrastructure Engineer for Tesla. Andre previously was the CIO at the New Mexico Consortium in Los Alamos and ran the successful PRObE project in which Los Alamos decommissioned supercomputers were repurposed for systems research purposes. Andre spent significant time in the non-profit / government / academia interface designing and implementing hardware architectures which support various research activities utilizing High Performance Computing. With significant background in scalable and distributed computing from both a hardware and software perspective, as well as having taught computer science at the University of New Mexico and running his own consulting company, Andree's background has been an important part of Devvio's initial hardware system design and setup. Andree holds two master's degrees in computer science and computer engineering from University of Arizona and Luleå University of Technology respectively.
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Eric Renz-Whitmore: Eric is an Ecosystem Builder who believes that sustainable development of any venture isn't possible without a thriving community. Whether with UNM's ARTS Lab, the New Mexico Technology Council, the City of Albuquerque, or ecosystem builders across the US, Eric works regularly with others to develop the conditions and structures that will cultivate the best community possible.
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Solve Maxwell is an avid cryptocurrency trader and blockchain protocol investor. He has been working as a blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO consultant since 2016 and has been in the Bitcoin space since 2011 as a speculator and investor.
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Addison Adams, Esq: is the “money and deal” lawyer – a transactional corporate and securities attorney.  With experience spanning over two decades of corporate finance from internet “.com” private placements, to IPO's, APO's, and the crowdfunding environment of today, Mr. Adams has a breadth of securities and growth capital legal experience he applies to every deal he advises on.  Mr. Adams was an early equity partner in a well-known securities boutique firm based in Los Angeles and New York and now owns and manages his own corporate law firm catering to entrepreneurs, investors and small business owners.  Mr. Adams advises from start up through exit helping founders and investors navigate the choppy waters of corporate deal making.  More information can be found at
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MSK: Since 1908, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (MSK) has proven its ability to understand the complex, demystify the mysterious, and define the unknown. With more than 130 lawyers and offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C., MSK is often distinguished as a “go-to” firm by industry and legal insiders, and has extensive experience in a variety of practice areas, including Entertainment & IP Litigation, Labor & Employment, Motion Picture, Television & Music Transactions, Immigration, Corporate Securities, Regulatory, Tax, Trusts & Estates, Real Estate and International Trade. Relentlessly innovative, our lawyers have developed groundbreaking legislation, established influential precedents, and shaped the legal landscape.
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