Terms and Conditions

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Devv Points

  • Devv Points are collected by performing tasks. You may not earn Devv Points outside of the rules governing any given task.
  • You may not use multiple accounts to collect Devv Points. You must collect Devv Points associated with one and only one email address that you own. That is your sole association between you and any Devv Points you earn.
  • Users may not share or transfer Devv Points.
  • Devv Points have no value.
  • You must not collect any Devv points (such as by checking out with a task that was not completed) without appropriately completing the associated task. Your account can be banned for doing so.
  • You should keep a copy of all of your task reward codes as a record of your points earned.
  • Devvio Inc and DEVV LTD make no representations on the accuracy of Devv Points, the correctness of applying Devv Points for your efforts, or anything else related to Devv Points. If Devvio loses all records of Devv Points, Devv Badges, or any other records on our site, you agree that you will have no recourse. That said, if there are any perceived discrepancies in Devv Points you feel you should own, we will work in good faith to try and rectify any problems.
  • Devvio makes no guarantees that the site will operate as it was designed. There my be bugs, typos, or any type of technical issues that will prevent it from working as intended. Devvio makes no warranties on any operations of the site.
  • If you are caught cheating on the site in any way, Devvio reserves the right to ban your account and remove your ownership of any and all Devv Points you had previously earned, even if they were earned without cheating.
  • Devv Points may only be earned by individuals who are at least 18 years of age.
  • In certain circumstances, Devv Points may be converted to Devv Cryptocurrency. There is no guarantee Devv Points will ever be able to be converted to Devv Cryptocurrency.
  • Anyone who wants to convert Devv Points to Devv Cryptocurrency will need to perform Know-Your-Customer identification checks before any Devv Points can be converted to Devv Cryptocurrency. Only one email address associated with Devv Points will be allowed to be associated with an individual who has performed KYC who wants to convert Devv Points to Devv Cryptocurrency.
  • Any conversion of Devv Points to Devv Cryptocurrency will be in Devvio's sole discretion. Devvio will determine in its sole discrection any criteria for eligibility in converting Devv Points to Devv Cryptocurrency, including criteria based on laws where an individual lives. There is no guarantee Devv Cryptocurrency will ever exist, or that the Devv Blockchain will function properly.



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  • Devv.io collects information such as your username, password, email address, IP address, etc. You agree to our use of this private information.
  • You have the right to change or delete your account information in your account settings, including using pseudonymous information.