Devvio allows highly secure and stable payments which can be made in less than a second.

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World's Fastest Blockchain

Using our sharding solution, Devv was the first blockchain to handle millions of transactions per second (tps). At 8 million tps, we are 100x faster than even credit card networks can manage.

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The World's Enterprise Blockchain Solution

Customers can easily implement their own solutions using Devvio's inexpensive Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) model.

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Fraud/Theft/Loss Protection

Devvio provides an optional transaction method in which theft can be reversed and lost keys can be recovered.

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Devvio provides for an innovative stability solution that removes volatility and unlocks the true potential of cryptocurrencies.

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Devvio's privacy approach provides for private transactions and wallet balances.

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Green Solution

Devv eliminates the enormous amounts of wasted energy by other blockchains.

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